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Christmas Tree Farm - Jarrettsville, MD
Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Guide

SOLD OUT & CLOSED for the 2020 Season!

We are sold out and now closed for the season! Thank you for an unprecedented year! Our family wishes you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

As one of the largest Christmas tree plantations in the state of Maryland, we offer 1,000's of trees with prices starting at $42. We offer a wide range of tree types ranging from 5 feet to 10 feet tall. You can select your own Christmas tree from our fields, or for your convenience we have beautiful already-cut, fresh trees available for purchase. Use our "Christmas Tree Guide" below to find the type of tree that might be just right for you! With so many trees to choose from, whether you continue a family tradition or start your own, remember, you can start your tradition with a real Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Guide

Variety Description Price * Height
Blue Spruce
Blue Spruce Christmas Tree Blue Spruce Christmas Tree - Closeup 1-1.5" blue-green needles. Very prickly needles that are a great deterrent to curious animals. It has strong branches and great needle retention. Cut-Your-Own

Concolor Fir
Concolor Fir Christmas Tree Concolor Fir Christmas Tree - Closeup Sparsely placed blue-green needles about .5-1.5" long. This tree is becoming a favorite because of its citrus like smell. Cut-Your-Own

Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Fraser Fir Christmas Tree - Closeup One of the most popular varieties. Excellent needle retention and strong branches that can handle larger-sized ornaments. Dark green or silver- blue 1-1.5" long needles. Very aromatic. Cut-Your-Own




White Pine
White Pine Christmas Tree White Pine Christmas Tree - Closeup A long standing tradition with many older generations. Lighter green, soft needles ranging from 2.5-5" usually grouped together. Very flexible branches. Not ideal for decorating with big, heavy ornaments. Cut-Your-Own


* Prices listed above include sales tax.

Tips on Selecting a Real Tree at a Choose-Your-Own Farm

Source: National Christmas Tree Association

  • Evaluate your need before departing for the farm
  • Measure the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look small when the sky is the ceiling. Don't overbuy.
  • Measure the width of the area of the room where the tree will be displayed. Most trees on tree farms are trimmed to an 80% taper. So a tree that's 10' tall will be 8' wide at the bottom. A tree that will fit in the room vertically may be entirely too big horizontally.
  • What decorating theme will be used? Some species have more open foliage, stiffer branches or longer needles. Research the characteristics of the different species before you shop!
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Jarrettsville Nurseries
1041 Holy Cross Rd
Street, MD 21154
Phone: 410.452.8677

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Maryland Christmas Tree Association


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